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DG Athlete was founded to give people the tools to become a better version of themselves. With our workout programs, we aim to help you reach your fitness goals and build lean muscle in a way that fits your lifestyle.


What makes us and our programs unique is our action-focused approach to fitness. We designed our training programs to be comprehensive and compact; no add-ons, no filler. Everything you need is right there so you can start on your journey as soon as you download the program!


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Dillon Guillory

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Dillon is a Xavier University of Louisiana alumni possessing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He has a background in calisthenics, bodybuilding, and martial arts. With years of experience in sports and personal training, he dedicates much of his time to researching the latest health and nutrition science. He aims to help create a program that will give people the tools to reach their potential.


Dawson Guillory

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Dawson is a University of Florida alumni and former Gator track & field athlete. He is well versed in sports science and has experience with D1 level athletes including: swimming, football, soccer, and numerous olympic medalists. With years of experience in sports and coaching, he wants to apply his knowledge to help others overcome life's challenges and become a better version of themselves.